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The new Maserati Levante Hybrid is here. Maserati ranks among the world’s most timeless automakers. They also never stop pushing towards the future. Recently, Maserati took another step forward, unveiling its first hybrid SUV. The Maserati Levante has established its place as one of the most luxurious SUVs on the market. In April, the Italian auto manufacturer took the Levante to the next level, introducing a hybrid series. The vehicle is set to combine everything that makes a Maserati Levante special with the latest electric driving technology.

With the Levante Hybrid, Maserati has developed an SUV that still achieves great driving performance. Thanks to signature engineering, the new Maserati Levante Hybrid will remain a thrill to drive. Now with green energy capabilities though, the hybrid model becomes even more practical. The vehicle also maintains Maserati’s famous craftsmanship. Design details don’t stray from what enthusiasts have come to expect from the brand. Simply put, the new Maserati Levante Hybrid will help shape the automaker’s future without compromising its history.

Uniquely Maserati

When a car sports the famous trident on its grill, it comes with a lofty set of expectations. Maserati is known for creating exceptionally beautiful luxury cars. Every detail inside and out is measured against the highest automotive standards. A Maserati provides its drivers with the latest luxury without compromising performance. Those principles shape every decision the brand makes. For the new Maserati Levante Hybrid, nothing changed.

Since its inception, Maserati has made cars that inspire. Each one is made to compete with the finest vehicles available. They are crafted for those who desire outstanding luxury and driving capabilities. Innovation is nothing new to Maserati. For decades, they have worked hard to break new ground in driving technology. That dedication continues with the Levante Hybrid. With its introduction, the future direction of Maserati engineering appears clear.

The Levante

Already, the Maserati Levante has received praise as an exceptional option among other luxury SUVs. Unlike other SUVs, the Levante never feels like a compromise. It gives drivers the best in terms of versatility, performance, and comfort. Maserati has always worked hard to make sure the Levante includes cutting edge technology and driving capabilities. Ultimately, the Levante achieves these standards. As drivers will tell you, it is not just another standard SUV.

Introduced as Maserati’s first SUV in 2016, the Levante immediately became one of the most desirable vehicles the automaker’s lineup. In the following model years, Maserati continued to upgrade the Levante. This includes new editions including the Levante Trofeo, a performance V8 SUV with 590 horsepower. Before long, it was clear that the Levante earned its accolades. It is a modern classic for Maserati that is set to maintain popularity in the years to come.


In accordance with the new standards of auto manufacturing, Maserati has turned its attention now toward developing hybrids. This decision will help the brand keep pace with competitors while also putting its own spin on the sector. Maserati hybrids will set a new direction for the manufacturer while also creating new space to grow. In the coming years expect more Maserati hybrids to emerge with improved capabilities. The potential for growth in the hybrid market is tremendous. With the new Maserati Levante Hybrid, the future looks even more promising.

Maserati began its production of hybrid cars unveiling the Ghibli Hybrid. The maker’s first hybrid, Maserati fitted its popular Ghibli model with a supercharger, 48-volt alternator, and mounted battery. This gave the Ghibli an increased driving range compared to the petrol option. Using the same technology, Maserati is now creating its first hybrid SUV.

The New Maserati Levante Hybrid

The new Maserati Levante Hybrid will contain similar engineering to the Ghibli hybrid. It will employ the same hybrid system to increase driving range. Otherwise, it maintains comparable performance metrics to the standard Levante. And, of course, it will keep the same great style and luxury found in any Maserati vehicle.

Introduced in April, the Levante Hybrid is set to become the first hybrid SUV from Maserati. With this step, the automaker makes progress in creating a more varied lineup of automobiles. The Levante Hybrid is highly practical and can fit any lifestyle. It is never out of place, with the looks to make a statement and the strength to tackle all obstacles.

Levante Hybris Specs

In combination with the hybrid battery, the Levante Hybrid is powered by a turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder engine. The combined power output reached 330 horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque. Overall, the Levante Hybrid has more than enough power for almost any freeway or off-road path. With this base of power, the Levante Hybrid line is set up to succeed in the future as more innovations become available.

Compared to the standard Levante, the hybrid model has a few notable advantages. First, the fuel efficiency will be better than the standard version. When the figures are released the new Maserati Levante Hybrid should exceed the 18 combined mpg of other Levantes. It also weighs 43 pounds lighter than the standard Levante. This makes the hybrid more nimble than other models.

Why drive a hybrid?

As hybrid vehicles become more advanced and powerful, more drivers are embracing the technology. These represent the latest innovations in the automotive industry. As they become more common Maserati is working to create hybrid vehicles that remain true to their brand identity. That means cars that still drive great and have the finest luxury features.
Looking towards the future of Maserati, the new Hybrid Levante will be released to European markets. With success in Europe, it will likely come to North America in the coming model years. In the meantime, domestic drivers can learn more about existing Maserati models including the Levante.

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